A Comprehensive List of the Best Auto Insurance Companies

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A Comprehensive List of the Best Auto Insurance Companies: If you are searching for “Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies” This place is all you need. Kindly stay glued to this post and bookmark this page for more updated information.

Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies 

I get it, getting a good Auto insurance company can be pretty hard these days, I mean with many of them out there, chances is you might end up registering with an insurance company that is not up to standard. 

To help you out, I have come up with the list of the top 10 Auto insurance companies in 2022.

1. State Farm

State Farm works as a joint insurance company, the implication is that it’s owned by its policyholders. State Farm is the biggest auto insurance firm in the United States and possesses 18percent of the overall obtainable market share.

They pay almost one in 5 dollars spent on private passenger auto premiums in the United States to State Farm. The firm presently employs roughly 70,000 employees and has nearly 19,000 agents.

In harmony with its big market share, State Farm’s latest yearly report shows a net gain of over $1.7 billion.


State Farm in an amazing auto insurance firm for anybody who wants a local agent and a personalized insurance experience. State Farm doesn’t normally provide drivers the most competitive charges.

If perhaps you’re in need want or need a curated experience, and are keen to pay for it, State Farm is an excellent choice.


GEICO, famous for its animated gecko, has acted as a supporter of over 16 million auto policies, which protect more than 24 million vehicles.

The firm’s size allows it to employ above 36,000 people across nine district offices, the company has 3 service centers and three claims centers.

GEICO’s new customer base comprising United States government workers and military personnel. Currently, the insurance firm’s customer base has extended to include people in the reserved sector.


We think through GEICO to be one of the best auto insurance firms. GEICO provides low rates, national sustainability, and easy shopping experience.

If you’ve had a previous accident, however, you’ll probably receive disapproving rates from GEICO.

3. Progressive

Progressive is the third-largest insurance firm in the country. They found this firm in 1937. The firm offers the ability to buy auto insurance right, online, or by phone.

Otherwise, customers can sign up via independent insurance agents. The firm employs roughly about 33,000 people and approximately 400 offices. Progressive is a publicly-traded company.


Progressive provides extremely competitive charges to drivers with previous accidents. Claims contentment rankings and coverage choices are average.

Owing to this, we commend for prospective Progressive customers to shop around and liken rates before signing up for coverage.

4. Allstate

Founded in the year 1931, Allstate is the 2ndbiggest publicly traded property and casualty insurance firm in the United States.

Related to State Farm, Allstate has a list of local agents that are eager to serve your wants. The firm presently employs over 79,000 people. Esurance, a subordinate of Allstate, functions in a similar space.

According to Allstate, the Esuranceproduct is focused on self-directed and brand-sensitive clients while they move Allstate for customers who enjoy local and personal service.


We think Allstate to be a middle of the road insurance firm because of its high rates and average claims contentment evaluations. Allstate’s saving factors are the wide diversity of discounts that it makes available to its clients.


USAA was established by 25 Army officers who decided to insure each person’s cars in 1922. Currently, the firm serves millions of members related to the U.S. military, including:

1. Present Military Members

2. Past Military Members

3. Family of Military Associates

4. Trainees or Midshipmen

USAA has its head office in San Antonio, Texas. The company campus’ length spreads three-quarters of a mile. USAA is the biggest private firm in San Antonio.


USAA is among one of the finest auto insurance firms in the nation. If you meet their requirement standards, you will appreciate competitive rates, great client service, and immediate claims replies.

The only disadvantage of the USAA is its limited membership.

6. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual among the topmost insurance firms in the United States and has existed over 100 years. Liberty Mutual also has a great international presence—with a working force in about 17 countries.

The global firms sell property and casualty, health, and life insurance policies.

The auto insurance industry is a huge part of Liberty Mutual’s business, signifying 36 percent of its net written premium from insurance as of their latest annual report.


Liberty Mutual is a mediocre insurance firm. The keenness of Liberty Mutual’s car insurance rank will depend on your topographical location.

While this is often accurate with most insurers, Liberty Mutual’s rates differ a lot more than characteristics. Furthermore, Liberty Mutual’sclients rank the insurance firm’s claims satisfaction procedure as below average.

7. Farmers

Farmers start as an insurance firm making available coverage to rural farmers’ vehicles. Since then it has changed to become the seventh biggest insurance firm in the nation.

It’s difficult to look for an insurance firm that provides more products than Farmers. It gives simple auto insurance, pet insurance, and even investment products amongst a diversity of further insurance products.

Farmers employ closely 21,000 people, which permit it to underwrite about 19 million guidelines across 50 states.


Farmers provides a decent discount, coverage choices, and amazing client service. Eventually, Farmers’ non-competitive charges hold it back from becoming a great auto insurance company.

8. Nationwide

Nationwide, a Wealth 100 firm paid more than $18 billion in claims and other profits to members in 2017.

The firm does business throughout several verticals—plus financial services, commercial lines, and personal lines—in all the 50 American states.

Nationwide has also donated over $430 million to nonprofit establishments since 2000.


despite Nationwide not being the cheapest insurance firm, its customer reviews tend to be optimistic.

The firm provides the client with the standard coverage and discounts that you would anticipate from a big national insurance firm.

9. Travelers

Travelers are above 160 years old, making it one of the first-ever insurance firms operating today. In fact, Travelers gave its first auto insurance guiding principle in 1897, before the Ford Model-T was created.

The firm has over 30,000 employees and 13,500 self-governing agents and brokers in numerous countries plus the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

Recommendations: Reasonable complaint rankings and competitive rates make Travelers an excellent choice for auto insurance coverage.

Particularly, Travelers provides great charges for families with clean driving pasts. Still, drivers with former accidents and defilements should steer clear as Travelers’ charges increase considerably with an accident on record.

10. American Family

American Family was founded with the original goal of insuring farmers. In the year 1930s, the firm grew and emphasized ensuring non-farmers as well.

Currently, the firm is one of the largest insurance firms in the United States. Recently, American Family paid out more than $3 billion in home, auto, and umbrella insurance claims.

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